Swimming in Ohiopyle

Swimming in Ohiopyle is a popular activity for park visitors during the hot summer months.

Siwmming spots in Ohiopyle State Park can be found almost anywhere. With the Yough river flowing the length of the park, you can find a place to take a dip in many places.

By far, the most popular swimming spot in Ohiopyle is above Ohiopyle Falls near the bridge going into town. During the summer, you will find alot of people wading and swimming in the water.

A word of wanring for swimming in Ohiopyle State Park, the Yough River's flow can change quickly and without warning. When the water rises, it is time to get out of the water until the water level is at a safe level. in 2008, the only fatality on the Yough in Ohiopyle was caused by a young man swimming in the river during high water conditions. Use good judgement before getting in to the water. If you have any doubts about what is safe and what is not, please find a park ranger and ask them.