Natural Waterslides in Ohiopyle

Natural Waterslides in Ohiopyle

Located on Meadow Run are the natural waterslides of Ohiopyle. The natural waterslides are visited by thousands of people every year and are a favorite recreation area within the park.

The natural waterslides in Ohiopyle State Park are actually the result of thousands of year of erosion. Meadow Run flows down towards the Lower Yough with enough force to carve out the natural waterslides. The result is a shallow channel that looks just like a waterslide you would see in an amusement park, just a little rougher.

The parking lot for Meadow Run is located right on the main road going through Ohiopyle. It is less than 1/4 of a mile from town.

A few words of caution on the natural waterslides. The water level can vary greatly in Meadow Run. Jumping in during high water can result in drowings. Please take care to enter the water only under safe conditions. If you are unsure of whether of not the water level is at a safe level, please ask one of the park rangers to ensure it is safe.